Marketing Your Property to Renters

  1. We utilize various high volume search engines like Google and Yahoo to link potential customers to our website and listings

  2. Our website provides multiple ways for prospective renters to find listings as well as contact us quickly and easily

  3. We advertise our listings on Craigs List as well as other popular rental links.

  4. We maintain a large database of current and prior rental customers that we keep in contact with throughout the year

  5. We have a long established and well known presence in Jamaica Plain and are easily accessible at our store front walk-in office on Centre Street

If you would like to list your property for rental just click on the Rental Listing Application below and fax it back to us.

Rental Listing Application Document

Screening and Qualifying Renters

We understand the importance of finding a tenant as quickly as possible to ensure your investment property is continuously receiving rental income. However, equally important is finding a responsible and reliable tenant that will treat your property with care and can meet their financial obligation. Our screening process includes:

  • Verifying work references

  • Checking credit history

  • Qualifying previous landlord references

  • Obtaining Co-Signers when necessary

In addition, we prepare the lease and collect all inital required rental deposits. We also will notify you in advance when it's time to renew a lease.